Brincka Cross Gardens

In 2007 Porter County Parks & Recreation commissioned Lehman & Lehman to develop a master plan for the Brincka Cross property, near Michigan City, that would restore the unique county park to much of its original state as one of the first gardens to look at plants and nature as sculpture, as designed by Bill Brincka, a pioneer in the field and an instructor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

We are now pleased to congratulate Porter County Parks & Recreation for recently being honored with the Excellence in Resource Improvement Award at the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association annual conference.

We encourage you to visit the Brincka Cross Gardens and see the 400 different types of hostas, 450 varieties of daffodils, 25 kinds of crab apple trees, 40 cultivars of ornamental grasses and 25 varieties of forsythias - and much more - for yourself.