Firm Philosophy
At Lehman & Lehman, we’re more than landscape architects — we’re visionaries of the land, present and future. We’re specialists who manage the entire process of transforming landscapes to meet the needs of the people and communities who inhabit them. Because our approach is holistic, the work we provide results in the most comprehensive plan imaginable: a plan that will also transform horizons.
“Transforming horizons” is the catch phrase we use to describe our services and our values. Not only are we landscape architects changing physical landscapes, we’re also shaping human perspectives to encourage richer thinking that is deeper and more meaningful in both scope and magnitude. We enable you to exceed goals by improving your sites— and your sights— with our visionary roles.

Firm History
Lehman & Lehman, Inc. is a landscape architectural and planning firm established in 1988. Founder and President Chuck Lehman has more than 30 years of experience in the landscape architectural and planning field. Our growing staff is dedicated to helping clients transform horizons.

Firm Profile
Lehman & Lehman, Inc. specializes in landscape architecture, site planning, master and strategic planning, urban planning, and recreation and greenway services. We listen closely to our clients and make a habit of networking with affiliated specialists in order to form a team approach to problem solving, ensuring that our clients benefit from the finest expertise available.

“We strongly believe that design strategies are won in the details. We help the client determine which details are important. Without a doubt, the process is as important as the design.”

— Chuck Lehman, President, Lehman & Lehman, Inc.

What We Do

  • Greenways & Trails
    • Alternative Transportation Master Planning
    • Trail Routing & Design
    • Wayfinding & Signage
    • Municipal Master Planning
  • Urban Planning
    • Streetscapes
    • Placemaking
    • Long-Range Planning
    • Neighborhood Planning
    • Corridor Studies
    • Feasibility Studies
  • Parks & Recreation
    • Site Master Planning
    • Playground Design
    • Five-Year Master Planning
    • Recreation Impact Fee Study
  • Site Development
    • Site Enhancements
    • Stormwater Management
    • Sustainable Master Plans
    • Site Circulation
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Land Use Studies
  • Athletics & Aquatics
    • Athletic Fields & Complexes
    • Playgrounds
    • Spraygrounds
    • Family Aquatics Development
  • Retirement Communities & Housing
    • Campus Master Planning
    • Strategic Planning
    • Site Enhancements
    • Wellness & Fitness Design
    • Accessible Outdoor Space Design
    • Amenities Development
  • Camp & Conference Centers
    • Campus Master Plan
    • Site Enhancements
    • Site Circulation
  • Schools & Colleges
    • Intramural Sports Facilities
    • Campus Master Planning
    • Site Enhancements
  • Misc. Services
    • StrengthsFinder Assessments & Related Coaching