People with ideas and energy – motivated more out of just the value of the concepts for the greater community than potential quick payback – are so necessary to make the best things happen.
— Jerry Thoma, South Bend, IN
Chuck Lehman is a creative solutions junky. it is clear that he enjoys his line of work. The flexibility of Lehman & Lehman throughout the process makes it easy and he makes time to address all concerns from beginning to desired outcome...great results, good value, creative.
— Phil Parnin, Director of Parks & Recreation, Brownsburg, IN
The best thing about working with Lehman & Lehman is that you can tap into their considerable brain power; find all the cutting edge, as well as technical, ideas on placemaking, sustainability and design that you haven’t had time to catch up with, and then learn how they can be creatively applied to your situation.
— Joanie Fitzwater, Planning Director, Greenfield, IN
Word of mouth carries a lot of weight. It is one of the greatest forms of compliments when someone gives a personal reference because of their experience with your company. That is what prompted me to seek Lehman & Lehman’s services. I had reached out to a few fellow Parks Directors and they all sang praises about Lehman & Lehman. Lehman & Lehman was the consulting firm that created our current RIF policy and it is very well done. While I wasn’t employed with the Greenfield Parks Department while the RIF policy was created, I did need to review and educate myself on the policy inside and out. It was in an easy to read format, very well documented, and flowed in a manner that was easy to follow. So, it was their work in itself that had me believing we would be in good hands if they provided our update.
— Ellen Kuker, Superintendent of Parks & Recreation, Greenfield, IN