Bethel College Unity Garden

Bethel College students, faculty and staff are joining together to create a “free to pick” garden on Bethel’s campus. The project is a collaboration with South Bend Unity Gardens, the college’s Enactus student team, and individual faculty who are passionate about beginning a garden on campus.

As you will see in this video, Chuck Lehman, President of Lehman & Lehman, was selected to assist with the Garden design.

The Bethel College Unity Garden, or BUG, will join more than 50 other area gardens affiliated with Unity Gardens, a non-profit group started by Sara Stewart, a graduate of Bethel’s Master of Science in Nursing program and a 2013 recipient of the college’s Professional Achievement Alumni Award. The mission of Unity Gardens is to improve community health through access to fresh fruits and vegetables while bringing together a diverse community.  In helping the BUG get off to a good start, Unity Gardens will provide soil testing, seeds, and the help of a master gardener.

Students, faculty and staff gathered in November to dedicate the garden site, and planting will begin in the spring. Community members are encouraged to stop by the BUG, located near the corner of Russ St. and Forest Ave., and join in the gardening efforts – whether through planting, weeding, watering or enjoying the fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs as they become available. For updates on upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and a ripening schedule, visit the BUG Facebook page,

Lehman & Lehman was pleased to lend a hand to this worthwhile community project.