Mishawaka High School Campus Master Plan

Lehman & Lehman has been commissioned by School City of Mishawaka to prepare construction documents based on the previously approved master plan for the renovation of the existing entry plaza to the football field at Mishawaka High School, as well as the renovation of the main tower quad entrance.

The catalyst for this project was a donation from the estate of alumna, Rosemary Klaer stipulating that a Spirit of Mishawaka sculpture be placed somewhere on the campus to represent the school spirit and tradition that Mishawaka High School represents in the community. This sculpture will be created by local artist David M. Layman of Layman Studio and will represent Rosemary in her days as a cheerleader and proud supporter of Mishawaka High School.

After reviewing the school campus it was determined that the entry plaza to the football stadium would be the logical location for such a statue from both a visibility and security standpoint.

A campus master planning committee was formed for the project with the goal of making the existing plaza more than just an entrance to the football stadium or an access point to the north side of the school. A conceptual plan was created to show how this space could be used by any and all groups (athletics, academic, arts, service clubs, etc.) of the high school or the community. The committee then recommended it be called “Alumni Plaza”.

Another request of Ms. Klaer’s estate was to beautify the main tower quad entrance of the Mishawaka High School. A plan was developed creating a more simplified landscape to highlight the Collegiate Gothic architectural style of the building.

While the donation from Ms. Klaer was significant, additional funding will be needed to accomplish both projects, which will be completed in phases.