Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day originated as a Roman Catholic holiday recognizing St. Patrick, and was brought to America by Irish immigrants as a way of affirming their identity. It's since been adopted by Americans of all backgrounds and has become best known for parades, beer, and turning rivers green.

With the long winter behind us and spring just a few days away, we're thinking of a different type of green. Our thoughts turn to the outdoors where we can enjoy the the greening grass, the budding trees, and blooming flowers and plants. Where we can relax in the warm sunshine and listen to the chirping birds.

There are many beautiful public gardens you could visit, or you could create your own peaceful haven right outside your door. Here are 15 Tiny Outdoor Gardens to motivate you – now, go get your green thumb dirty!

When overwhelmed and stressed and unable to think,
I go out and garden, it’s cheaper than a shrink.
— Author Unknown